Weekly Guidance - 7/7/19

How do you know when to go after your dreams, or when to quit? Do you feel like something is missing? Or perhaps your most recent accomplishment has left you feeling unsatisfied with the outcome or perhaps wanting more? 

This week spotted with themes of surrender, rest and trust. If you are feeling overworked, exhausted, weary, ill, or just tired of life in general, take a much needed break. If it's not an emergency or life and death situation, try and reduce the urge to keep pushing through or overextending your limits or resources. This week, call back your energy and rest, and release the need to control the outcome of every situation going on for you right now. There is a much needed boost of energy and rejuvenation coming. For now, make time to nurture yourself back to health and well-being,and find joy in the present moment, breathe and relax. Inspiration as to what your next move will be will come from the quiet recesses of contemplation, quiet, and calm. 

Affirmation: "I trust"

Recommended Crystal(s): Amethyst (intuition), Aventurine (calm), Aquamarine (flow), Morganite (self care), Rutile Quartz (inspiration), Sodalite (wisdom), Hematite (clarity)

Essential Oil: Sweet Orange, Lavender

Self-Care Activity: RELAX! Make time to switch off and be present.

Deck used - Ostara Tarot

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