Cancer Season 2019 - intuition, hygge and nourishment

If your birthday falls between the 21st of June and the 22nd of July, then you are lucky enough to be born under the sun sign of Cancer!

Cancer is the quintessential nurturer - the sensitive, intuitive soul that almost knows what you need without any words being exchanged. Cancer is ruled by the moon, and rules the chest, breasts and stomach, tying together the symbolism of motherly nurturing and love (breasts) with gut feelings and how we 'digest' the world around us (stomach) and how we protect ourselves from feeling vulnerable (chest). Cancerians are known for their loving and caring personality, but as a shadow side, can be moody, withdrawn, emotionally snappy,and a little clingy. Anyone who is lucky enough to have a cancerian friend knows that they are loyal, dedicated friends who never ever ever forget. They will often (to a fault) put others needs before their own, and have a way of communicating that transcends the superficial, and almost connects with your soul essence. 

During cancer season, stomach upsets and food sensitivities may be more prevalent, as can hormonal imbalances. As such, eat foods that are easy to digest, like nourishing soups or stews. Try gently cooking grains so that they are softer, stewing fruits or veg so that they are a little easier to digest, or even switch up your dairy to a suitable alternative like soy or almond if need be (calcium fortified if possible!). Additionally, fermented foods like kimchi, kefir or saurkraut are ideal to include in the diet as they are a natural source of gut friendly bacteria and prebiotics, which have an increasingly substantiated benefit involving gut health, immunity and more. Eat mindfully, eat to nourish your body, and check in with yourself.

We all have this beautiful sign somewhere in our chart, and so it may manifest for us in different ways. Here are a few suggestions to help guide you through the season of the moonchild.


1. Connect with your intuition

The moon rules over all things intuition and psyche, so your intuitive vibes may be especially on point over the coming weeks. Learning to recognize your intuition can start with something simple like knowing what gut feelings are like to you. You could try practices such as prayer or meditation to connect to your inner knowing, divination like tarot or oracle, or even dreams (which is especially potent with neptune in retrograde until november!). Try wwriting little prompts down in your journal and see what best resonates with you.


2. Listen with empathy and compassion

Cancerians have the natural ability to use their intuition to really listen and connect with others (when they choose to). They are able to discern the unspoken words, see through the superficial and connect on a deeper level with those engaged in conversation with them. The challenge comes with resisting the urge to rehash or dredge up past mistakes or conversations, and to resist taking on other's problems. If you are especially empathetic, perhaps armour up with a few extra grounding or emotionally protective crystals before leaving the house.


3. Create more comfort at home

 When I think of Cancer, I think of hygge - that divine feeling of being completely comfortable and at home in mind, body and spirit. As such, this is a great time to look at your surroundings and evaluate how comfortable you feel. Is it time to renovate? Do your bedsheets make you feel comfortable? Do you feel relaxed when you walk through the door? What changes could you make to facilitate this to help you feel more calm, centred and relaxed? Now extend this out to your mood and thoughts - how do you want to feel when you walk through the door? What can be changed in this space to welcome those feelings in more?

Wishing you all a wonderful season of homely feels and hugs x

Image credit to John Watkiss

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