November Energy Forecast + Horoscopes

#readingsbyLana Energy forecast November Scorpio season

With only two months left of our calendar year, November brings some intense moments of confrontation with some amazing opportunities of breaking through and a much needed boost in positivity. Two words of advice for the month ahead: expect the unexpected, and keep those tempers in check!

The start of this month resounds with a Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio (moving retrograde from 31/10 until 20/11). During this time, Mercury creates harmonious aspects with Saturn and Pluto, making this an amazing time to pause, stop, reflect and learn those deep, life altering lessons that may have been coming up over the past year. This is also an amazing time to take our communication to a deeper, more intuitive level. The energy of Scorpio is potent for transformation and breakthrough, and heightens our senses and intuitive judgement. Learning to navigate with our heart and find the courage to let go of that which no longer befits us is a blessing during this time. This would also be a good time to find reconciliation or closure if need be with those who have come and gone, both physically and spiritually. If you are missing a dearly departed loved one, use this time to communicate with them as if they were sitting beside you, and be open to what you receive in turn. 

We get our first taste of Sagittarian energy as Venus moves into the sign of the archer on the 1st. This transit brings an open mind and a much needed boost in positive energy in our relationships and surroundings. Abundance is all around this month! This is the time to dream big - planning on buying a new home or car? maybe a holiday? As the saying goes, shoot for the moon, and if you miss, at least you'll land among the stars. This transit also brings a much needed boost to any lagging love lives out there, helping us to find the fun, relax, and enjoy life as it is. 

Full Moon in Taurus (12/11) helps to illuminate those areas of our lives where we feel most abundant, and the areas where perhaps we don't. Taurean energy gives us the staying power to stick to our goals and see them through. Also ruled by sensual Venus, this full moon is the perfect time to treat yourself (responsibly of course!). If the vibes are a little intense for you, indulge in a nice ritual bath with all the trimmings (candles, oils, etc), or perhaps a little self-massage and a glass of wine or some of your favourite dark chocolate. Wear your favourite outfit, spritz on your favourite perfume or wear your hair in a way that makes you feel beautiful. Walk out in nature or get your hands and feet dirty. This is the time to celebrate the beauty with and without, and release that which serves to only get in the way or hold you back from moving up and on. 

With Mercury going direct from the 20th, new avenues of communication and new awakenings may be likely to happen in your surroundings. Speaking of direct, Neptune is also due to move direct again on the 27th in dreamy Pisces, bringing an end to that mental fog (hopefully!) and speeding things up again. 

Just before the Sag New Moon on the 26th, we have a beautiful and harmonious alignment of Venus and Jupiter in Sagittarius, creating a wonderful time of love, positivity, enlightenment and creativity. Spend this time doing the things that you love with the people you love, and revel in the beauty of life and abundance that enriches and surrounds you.

Wishing you a blessed month ahead x

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