October Energy Forecast + Horoscopes!

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October promises to be a month of polarities and extremes, but allows for breakthrough opportunities to create more balance and harmony in our lives.

As Pluto moves direct again (3/10) in earthy Capricorn, things may seem a little less dark and dense around us and we may be able to see our way through the rocky terrain a little more clearly with a little more staying power and tenacity. The energy of Capricorn allows us to look at our past experiences (especially any that may have resurfaced over the saturn - pluto retrogrades this year) with an analytical and objective mind. You are a survivor. Release, and allow yourself to evolve on your soul path and be transformed by these experiences for your highest good. 

With the sun in Libra and Mars moving into Libra on the 4/10, we are blessed with the mojo to fix our relationships and give them the face-lift that they may be needing. When air and fire mix, there is great potential for passionate discussion, spontaneous and romantic gestures, and a bit of a 'boost in the boudoir'. Avoid acting out impulsively during this time or without all of the facts. Additionally, be aware with how your words are perceived by others as misinterpretation may be likely with communication, leading to some very heated and cutting arguments.

Mercury and Venus also move into Scorpio this month, giving depth to our conversations with others and our inner perceptions. These transits help to create a new level of connection and intimacy with others, and enables us to listen to the needs of others and our own needs a lot more intuitively. Expect emotional spikes and try not to take things personally, especially things said out of anger or misinformation. You may also feel the pull to look at things from a more spiritual perspective - this timing can also trigger more 'spiritual activity' around the home (especially as the veil between worlds thins around Samhain / Beltane 31/10-1/11). Be mindful of what energies you carry around with you, what you may be hanging on to needlessly, and what you would prefer to call in. 

A Full Moon in Aries (13/10) brings a rush of fresh fire into our lives where we may be needing it the most. But remember to channel these pulses towards healthy channels of release such as physical exercise, creativity and healthy discussion. The potential for acting out rashly or without thinking can especially be a dangerous point of Aries Full Moon, so be careful wherever you may be going, allowing yourself plenty of time to get there. Be careful what you say, how you say it, and think things through before acting out and you might survive ;-) hehe. Otherwise, this is a wonderful time to release with fire (safely of course!) or to work with the inner warrior archetypes within to help us overcome our fears and live a more empowered life. 

Finally, the last Mercury Retrograde for the year will officially go down around Halloween (Samhain / Beltane, 31/10) in Scorpio. Even though it stations direct again 20/11, the effects will likely be felt from the 17/10 right up until 4/12. This time allows us to spiral down into the deep, dark depths of the ways that we communicate. During this time, our intuition is especially heightened and we may feel particularly sensitive in the way we perceive what others are saying - with words, facial expressions and body language. We are able to read between the lines in our conversations (even reading into things a little too much!), and we may find ourselves being a little more triggered than normal. Instead of retaliating from an emotional place (like flipping them the bird or hitting them with your car), retreat to your quiet or happy place and look at WHY this person or situation is making you feel this way. Embrace what is coming up as opportunities to grow. You may also feel the pull inward to more spiritual mindsets or learning - maybe you're curious about learning tarot or are open to other ideas of thought around philosophy or religion. All I can say is, knowledge is power friends! :-)

Wishing you a blessed month ahead x


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