About Us

Hello and welcome to Mindful Health and Wellness! We are a collective of souls passionate about a mind-body-spirit approach to health, wellness and empowerment. We offer a range of gifts, services and love sharing our knowledge and experience to help you live your best life. We look forward to working with you!



Lana is the resident creator of Mindful Health and Wellness and Mindful Gifts Australia, with a background in health - both holistic and modern, and nutrition, specifically a bachelors in science and pharmacology, and a masters in human nutrition. She is also a psychic intuitive, mindfulness coach, and a wife and mum.

"I began Mindful Health and Wellness with the intent to create a space that provides a range of knowledge harnessing a holistic approach to health and wellness. This journey started out a love for creating handcrafted items that combine magical essence with mindfulness, and has blossomed into a platform that has allowed me to learn, grow, and share my knowledge with you to help you live your best life.  

Each of my products are lovingly handcrafted, thoroughly researched, and charged with intent. I do my best to source genuine gemstones with my jewellery, sustainable, eco-friendly products, and support small, local businesses.

My goal is to not only provide beautiful, quality products at an affordable price, but to help inspire everyone to use the power of mindfulness to capture and utilise their own magical essence through nurturing, self love, and spiritual guidance." 




Maia is our resident Yogini in training, and is working on completing her fitness instructor qualifications. Although Maia is not yet able to work with you one on one for personalised yoga, she is happy to share her knowledge around general yoga positions, mindfulness and tips for enhancing your spiritual practice on our 'Mindful Practice with Maia' blog and occasionally on our social media pages. 

"I've always had a passion for finding purpose and meaning in life through a spiritual and holistic understanding of my place in this world. I see yoga as not only a practice to help build a strong body, but also to help empower your mind and spirit with love, gratitude and living in the moment."




Kristy is a qualified PT with a passion for personalised fitness and a talent for helping to support you on your health goals, easily incorporate movement into your day, and help change any negative mind blocks into positives with her ‘real’ approach to fitness. She is the owner of KPT Fitness and will be sharing her knowledge with us on our website and via our social media pages.

 "Hi all my name is Kristy, I have just completed my certificate 3 and 4 in Personal Training. Lana has invited me to join the group by adding my personal touch to fitness. Fitness is something I have been passionate about for a few years now and just recently decided I wanted to make it apart of my future. Basically I want to add a difference to how people view fitness and exercise. I want people to realise that fitness is something for everybody. Not only is it good for your physical health but also your mental health too."