Nutrition for Health and Wellness

Are you ready to say goodbye to mindless eating, food guilt, and yo-yo dieting? Are you craving clarity in a world of culinary confusion? Are you wanting to embrace a more fulfilling and empowered relationship towards food?


Nutrition is a passion of mine, specifically using a holistic, scientific and spiritual approach towards food. I see food as medicine, as a tool for therapy, as pleasure, as a sacred ritual. It is my goal to merge my passion, knowledge, and experience involving mindfulness and food, to help heal and promote wellness in mind, body and spirit, and to help you reclaim your enjoyment around healthy eating, in a budget friendly and user friendly way. I am all about using a back-to-basics approach with a healthy dose of moderation, specific to your dietary, lifestyle, family and emotional needs.

This is not just another fad diet page that tells you what you probably already know or buzzes about the latest health food trends. This is a judgement free zone sharing tips, tricks, ideas, and studies to help you navigate through the utter confusion that is regurgitated by the media these days. This venture welcomes people with all kinds of palates and dietary specifications, goals, intentions, and aims to promote not just longevity of life, but quality of life too. 

I am presently booked out for private consultations for 2018. Appointments for 2019 will reopen early next year. In the meantime, I am happy to share my knowledge with you on our social media.

I look forward to working with you!