Energy Forecast for January 2021

If you are reading this..... you survived 2020! Give yourself a big pat on the back and saddle up kiddo - 2021 is going to bring us another round of unexpected changes, challenges and triumphs that 2020 did only much quicker and a lot more unexpected. There is a lot of energy around the next 12 months that revolves around change - globally and collectively, we may start to see dismantling of old systems, reforms, we may see a lot more unrest and political activism marching the streets, and technology is about to influence our lives in a way that we may deem 'out there' or unconventional. On a personal level, it's time to look at what you learned last year, keep taking out the karmic trash, fine-tuning existing circumstances in savvier, innovative, more inclusive ways, and allowing for the tornadoes of change to shift you and shape you into a truer sense of being and purpose. Word for the wise - surrendering, going with the flow, and allowing yourself to be changeable and adaptable will serve you extremely well.

January kicks off our calendar year by calling out our relationships to the fore, especially when it comes to resolving conflicts, old disagreements and on a deeper level, finding peace and spiritual wisdom. Capricorn season always tows a subtle theme of father or patriarchal issues, which can help deepen our understanding of any conflicts or relationship issues arising presently. Are patterns from your own fathers behaviour or personality repeating through your own? Perhaps you are seeing a difficult (or positive) aspect of your father or father figure in someone significant for you at the moment? Maybe you are yearning for a hug from dad, or perhaps a chat about your day, week, or whatever is on your mind? With the north node currently in Gemini, communication is a wonderful tool to help build up relationships this month, especially around finding out what has been lacking, what has been done in excess, new routines or ways of thinking to help create fairness, balance, and a friendly sort of 'quid pro quo' in all our relationship spheres. Don't be afraid to shake things up and think outside of the box when issues arise - when Capricorn gives us the need for structure and order, Aquarius gives us the zany, unexpected change we didn't know we needed.

Leading up to the New Moon in Capricorn on the 13th, tempered attitudes reward us with the ability to learn from each other, to make things right and to find joy in forgiveness and gratitude. We are able to see how other people bless (or frustrate) our life, the types of people we want in our life moving forward, and to unite people in groups and communities with common goals. This new moon invites us to look deep within ourselves, to let go of the outdated belief systems or attachments that unnecessarily drain our energy and time, and to find peace knowing that all happens in perfect time.

On the 19th, the Sun moves into eccentric Aquarius, giving us a knack for original thinking, confidence to embrace our quirks and individuality, and a vision of collective sharing and humanitarianism. This is a great time to embrace a new look, explore a new place, or get involved with a community project. Ideas may flow hard and fast, so keep a pen and paper handy.

A Full Moon in Leo on the 28th precedes our first Mercury Retrograde in 2021, bringing to life our inner lion/lioness and giving us that little extra oomph to unapologetically shine and to voice our roar. Mercury officially moves retrograde through Aquarius on the 30th, reminding us to use our voice for good, not just for stroking the ego, fighting for the sake of fighting, or for stirring up drama and contention. This will be a time of miscommunication, emotional extremes (fire and air can combust creating massive arguments which usually diffuse just as quickly but can leave lasting damage), so do what you need to do to ground your energy during this time. Be mindful of what you post on social media, what you say out of anger, as these things will likely come back to bite you later on. As the saying goes, you can't squeeze the toothpaste back in once it has been squeezed out! Mercury retrograde will finish in February in earthy Capricorn, meaning if you did loose your cool or mess things up, you can regroup, cool off, and access a little rationality and logic once again. Phew!

Each sign can expect themes around the following for the month ahead (if you know your rising sign or ascendant, check that too!):

  • Aries (21st Mar - 21st Apr): New changes in career projection, outlook and accolades. Working together with your colleagues and collaborating will result in some new outlooks and opportunities. Access your inner leader for innovative ideas and to help uplift and inspire others through positive reinforcement and affirmative words of encouragement. Let yourself slow down and appreciate those positive moments.

  • Taurus (22nd Apr - 20th May): A hungry mind may need feeding at the moment with new avenues of study or insight. If you feel a little restless (or at the other end, too stuck or too comfortable where you are), make time to get outdoors and explore your surroundings. If you feel a little restricted, find ways to look at your surroundings with fresh eyes, and learn new things in the mundane activities we can take for granted.

  • Gemini (21st May - 21st Jun): This month is amazing for you to slow down and incorporate a little mindful practice or some meditation to tap into your inner world. If you are a super restless Gemini, try your hand at some journalling, creative channelling or meditation, or even some great music that you can sing along to and feel the words. Avoid putting unnecessary limitations on yourself or learn the art of surrender - everything is playing out in perfect time. Avoid the urge to overthink things, criticise, or judge them prematurely. Trust, rest, let go and let God. Don't be afraid to explore things you have been putting off, get a little taboo, and try something new with your partner to spice things up.

  • Cancer (22nd Jun - 22nd Jul): What a beautiful month for your relationships! Pick your battles, moonchildren. Find the balance between argumentative tendencies and passive aggression with the white flag of open hearted, honest communication. A great time to spice things up and explore some new territory (especially in the dating or boudoir). As natural nurturers, your intuition will be especially on point this month with knowing what other people need, and what lies behind their masks. Trust your instincts, you are rarely wrong.

  • Leo (23rd Jul - 23rd Aug): This month is all about prioritising the day to day essentials, and looking at how wisely you spend your time and resources. How can you cut-paste-edit your current schedules to allow for more you time, fun and self care? A great month to get your yearly check up with the Dr or to kickstart health based new years resolutions. Watch for more scattered mental energy and lack of focus (especially towards the end of the month). Focus on those things you already have in motion and on what you can immediately control. Avoid stirring the pot out of boredom or without all the facts of a situation.

  • Virgo (24th Aug - 23rd Sep): Pop some champers, it's time to have a little fun! Your social life is calling you out from your rigid schedules and is inviting you out for a laugh and some good times. This is especially a great time to get a little sentimental with your inner child - what did you do for fun as a kid? what were your dreams or ambitions? Catch up with a friend or family, let yourself reminisce a little, and enjoy some laughs. Don't sweat the small stuff this month, learn from the little people in your life, how they live in the moment, how they can laugh at their mistakes, how they can dream about a future where they can be whatever they want. That little child is still in you too.

  • Libra (24th Sep - 23rd Oct): Don't be afraid to revamp your home or domestic surroundings with something a little quirky or zany - maybe an abstract artwork, garish lime green cushion covers, or maybe a venus fly trap plant - whatever tickles your pickle! This is a great month to be mindful of your budget, and to look at ways that you can repurpose or recycle items, creating new beauty and new life from old items. A frugal mind with making money, saving and spending will be of great benefit. If you want some inspiration, catch up with mum for a cuppa and ask her how she, nan, or great nan used to stretch a penny. Maybe even start your own journal for posterity!

  • Scorpio (24th Oct - 22nd Nov): It's all about communication for you this month Scorpio! Open yourself up to new ideas, explore different or new technologies, look for efficient, time friendly ways to manage your day to day. This is a great month to call in favours from others, to catch up with friends or family members, or to find a new podcast. Mental activity will be burning away, just make sure you are not burning the candle at both ends. Remember to ground yourself energetically and let yourself retreat into a bit of quiet time if you feel especially burned out or feisty. Family time can be recharging for you, as long as it is positive and light hearted.

  • Sagittarius (23rd Nov - 21st Dec): How are you using your time and resources at the moment, and how could you improve it to allow for better use of your time and energy? Is there money owed to you from somewhere that you haven't called in yet? Are you entitled to sums of money or certain payments? How would you describe your current level of work life balance and overall satisfaction? No-one can push on through, hungry to succeed and get to the finish line quite like a Sag, but this month is a great time to be present and evaluate how far you have come. Congratulate yourself on all you have achieved and overcome so far, and take a little break to recharge, re-evaluate the best use of your time and more. Work smarter, not harder.

  • Capricorn (22nd Dec - 20th Jan): Happy birthday Capricorns! This is a great time to do a little self-evaluation and set some goals for the coming year. A new moon in your sign on the 13th helps create the perfect scene to plant those seeds and work a little manifestation magick that you do oh so well. Spiritually, this is a great month to get in touch with your intuitive and mystical side if you feel so called, as you may feel more aware to insights about yourself and others. If you are called to explore some spiritual or religious topics more deeply, you may find yourself on a few different paths than you expected! Don't be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone, you may surprise yourself and learn a few new things!

  • Aquarius (21st Jan - 19th Feb): Feeling a little restricted Aquarius? Take this time to go inward and explore the deeper and hidden realms of your inner world. If you are the philosophising type, this is a great month to look at things collectively, to explore the bigger picture of what it all means, to get a little existential. Let yourself get lost in a little creative channelling, music, art. Let the boundaries between worlds become a little blurry, and let go of the need to be in control of everything, knowing that everything is working out in perfect time. If you are struggling with staying grounded, try some drumming, dance, or grounding meditation to help you feel anchored, stable and strong.

  • Pisces (20th Feb - 20th Mar): What a lovely month to make some wishes! Get those journals and vision boards out fishy friends because your manifesting abilities are seriously packing a punch this month. This is a beautiful month for you to also spend good quality time with loved ones, friends, and championing causes you believe in. You may feel a little more passionate about what you can do to make the world a better place - just know you already have it within you. Use your natural empathy to be kind to others. Express gratitude for the abundance you have, and if you are able, share it with others. Give back to those who may have helped you along the way, pray for peace, plant trees, whatever calls to you. Watch those good deeds ripple outward and create the changes you want to see in the world. In true Pisces fashion, this lesson embodies all of the signs of the zodiac through you.

Wishing you all a great month ahead,

Lana x

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