Energy Forecast for January 2021

If you are reading this..... you survived 2020! Give yourself a big pat on the back and saddle up kiddo - 2021 is going to bring us another round of unexpected changes, challenges and triumphs that 2020 did only much quicker and a lot more unexpected. There is a lot of energy around the next 12 months that revolves around change - globally and collectively, we may start to see dismantling of old systems, reforms, we may see a lot more unrest and political activism marching the streets, and technology is about to influence our lives in a way that we may deem 'out there' or unconventional. On a personal level, it's time to look at what you learned last year, keep taking out the karmic trash, fine-tuning existing circumstances in savvier, innovative, more inclusive ways, and allowing for the tornadoes of change to shift you and shape you into a truer sense of being and purpose. Word for the wise - surrendering, going with the flow, and allowing yourself to be changeable and adaptable will serve you extremely well.

January kicks off our calendar year by calling out our relationships to the fore, especially when it comes to resolving conflicts, old disagreements and on a deeper level, finding peace and spiritual wisdom. Capricorn season always tows a subtle theme of father or patriarchal issues, which can help deepen our understanding of any conflicts or relationship issues arising presently. Are patterns from your own fathers behaviour or personality repeating through your own? Perhaps you are seeing a difficult (or positive) aspect of your father or father figure in someone significant for you at the moment? Maybe you are yearning for a hug from dad, or perhaps a chat about your day, week, or whatever is on your mind? With the north node currently in Gemini, communication is a wonderful tool to help build up relationships this month, especially around finding