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Food Journalling - the basics

Are you struggling to win the 'battle of the bulge'? Are you wanting to eat healthier but not sure where to start? Perhaps you are wanting to regain a sense of control around your hunger and create healthy food habits in a fool proof way?

Journalling is a wonderful tool to help get your thoughts out on paper, to keep a record of things going on and to help be conscious of how you may be feeling, etc on certain days or at certain times. 

Keeping a food journal is a wonderful way to help foster a positive and mindful relationship with food, which can be a simple yet effective tool in weight loss or weight management. Here are a few tips to get you started!

1. Source a Journal

It could be a standard exercise book, a diary, journal, or even a folder to put loose sheets of paper. Whatever is easy access for you! Don't feel you have to spend money on something special, unless you are able to or want to.

2. Record as you go

It can become easy to get into the mindset of 'i'm too busy to record that right now, i'll just do it later'. If you are strict enough to do it later, than by all means do it that way, however most of us forget or think we pass the point of no return and 'start again tomorrow'. Get into the habit of making your notes as you go as this well help to keep you mindful and accountable. It can be as simple as what you are eating and when, or as detailed as you like. Some things to consider would include time of day, what you are eating, portion sizes, how you feel before and after or in general that day, snacks, physical activity, water or fluid intake, and so on.

3. Be as honest as possible!

When it comes to health, honesty is the best policy. At the end of the day, your health is your responsibility and no-one can take that away from you. The best thing about using a food journal is not just recording your daily food intake, but it helps to cultivate an awareness about your relationship with food, and put it into a more realistic context. Many of us become oblivious to our diet as other things like paying bills or parenting take centre stage, yet what we eat is so so so important to our health and well-being and deserves some attention too. 

Go on, give it go!

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