Mindful techniques - Grounding 101

You've probably heard of the term 'grounding' before - grounding, grounded, groundedness, ground, etc. But what does it actually mean?

One of my favourite authors, Dr. Patrizia Collard, sums this principle up perfectly, referring to 'groundedness' as "the feeling of security when we are fully present in our body." So, why is it important?

All of us go about our days with our 101 things to do, and between work, family, commitments, health, self-care, education, and so forth, it can get super overwhelming trying to juggle all of those things. Often, there are just not enough hours in the day, and most of the time something has to give, often being our own well-being at the expense of keeping everyone else happy. It can become easy to lose our mental focus and to allow our emotions to take over.

Grounding ourselves helps us to stay present in the moment, and allows us to regain control over those flighty, busy or stressful obstacles that pop up during the day. It is a great technique to help in times of stress and anxie