Sexy salads: up your romaine game

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

If the idea of eating a salad is as exciting as a trip to the dentist for you, then have no fear friend! I am here to tel you, that you can, in fact, make friends with salad.  

It wasn't until recently (and out of necessity) that I discovered how delicious and satisfying salad could really be for a meal, rather than just the mediocre image of the 'lettuce tomato cucumber' trio that gets pushed to the side of the plate that most of our minds may conjure. It sounds silly, but with a little creativity and know how, it can be so simple to creating something that is both healthy and satisfying, and on a budget! Here are 5 simple tips to try:

1. Know your portions

 Portion size is everything, whether you are trying to lose, gain or maintain weight. I love the visual from 'symply too good to be true' below, which puts the ideal plate into simple terms: