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Mindful Kids Keychain

Mindful Kids Keychain

These cute little keychains are a great way to help support your kids throughout the day when they need a mindful moment. 


To use them, hold each bead in your fingers on focus on that one bead for one breath or a few seconds, really feeling it in your hands, then repeat moving on to the next one. Once you reach the end, repeat this exercise moving backwards towards where you started. Some ways you can use them include (but are not limited to):


- take a nice, slow breath in and out feeling into the bead before moving on

- with bead in hand, say out loud or think of one thing you are greatful for

- with bead in hand, think of one thing you like about yourself

- with bead in hand, focus on something you can see around you, then focus on something different as you move on

- just hold them in your hand and look at the different colours, feel the textures and different corners if you need a mental break or distraction


Please note that while these beads are perfect for kids, they may pose a choking hazard for very young children and are not properly approved for use as teething beads or similar. 


Colour combinations vary according to availability. Keychain charms may vary according to availability.

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