Mindful Moment Box - GROUNDED

Mindful Moment Box - GROUNDED

Each of our Mindful Moment Boxes has been intuitively designed to reflect each associated intention. The ‘Grounded’ Box contains lovingly sourced and handcrafted items to help ground your energy during times of stress, anxiety, through periods of change, or whenever you just need to breathe and come back down to earth. It contains:

  • One of our best selling Mindful Moment Candles in ‘Grounded’ - a bespoke blend of warming spice, earthy sandalwood and a subtle spike of uplifting lemon.

  • A handcrafted Japa Mala and matching bracelet designed to help ground and connect energy to the earth

  • A 6-pack of Mindful Moment ‘Grounded’ spa tea light soy candles

  • An intuitively determined tumbled crystal duo with suggested meditation

  • Some handcrafted affirmation and mindful cards to support this intention

  • A 100ml ‘Grounding’ Aura Mist

NOTE: appearance of products may differ slightly in person due to lighting. Mala beads and bracelet may vary due to availability.


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