Mindful Moment Box - PEACE

Mindful Moment Box - PEACE

Each of our Mindful Moment Boxes has been intuitively designed to reflect each associated intention. The ‘Peace’ Box contains lovingly sourced and handcrafted items to help bring a little inner peace to your sacred space. It contains:

  • One of our best selling Mindful Moment Candles in ‘Peace’ - a bespoke blend of soothing lavender, sandalwood and dreamy vanilla.

  • A handcrafted Japa Mala and matching bracelet designed to help bring a little peace and stillness during your mindful practice

  • A 6-pack of Mindful Moment ‘Peace’ spa tea light soy candles

  • An intuitively determined tumbled crystal duo with suggested meditation

  • Some handcrafted affirmation and mindful cards to support this intention

  • A small pack of our hand blended ‘Ritual Bath Tea’ and ‘Blessed Tea’ (for drinking) to help promote peace, stillness and contentment.

NOTE: appearance of products may differ slightly in person due to lighting. Mala beads and bracelet may vary due to availability.


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