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Personalised Mala Meditation Beads

Personalised Mala Meditation Beads

Do you have a particular affinity for a specific crystal or gemstone? Perhaps you would like a gift for yourself or someone that looks great, functional, and perfectly tailored to suit?


Our personalised Mala Necklaces can be made in accordance with your astrological natal chart, numerology, and personality. They can be tailored to suit your needs right now or a specific intention (such as peace, calm, love or abundance), and are energetically charged as they are carefully put together by hand. 


This beautiful item also comes with any notes from guides or messages that may come through for you at this time, a little info on how to use, look after and get the most out of your beads.

Matching bracelets can be made as an additional option as well. 


NOTE: Due to the unique and individualised nature of this piece, please allow up to 7-14 days to create this item. No refunds, exchange or credit. As product is tailored to you, your item will vary from those pictured.


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