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More about Sound of Mind...

Hello and welcome!

My name is Lana and I am the face behind Sound of Mind Counselling and Holistic Services.   

I first launched my business in 2016 as 'Mindful Gifts Australia', starting out creating handcrafted items that I loved sharing with others to promote self care and connection. Over the years, it has blossomed into a platform centred largely around spiritual and holistic wellness. This has allowed me to evolve my craft and expertise, diving deeper into my own learning and personal practice, and creating a more authentic space to share your own personal journey with you.

My learning journey has taken me through different trainings, accreditations and healing modalities, including counselling, mindfulness, meditation, sound healing, embodied practice, past life regression, journey work, and different creative and writing based therapies. 

As a working psychic medium and natal astrologer with over 25 years knowledge and experience, I also love to incorporate these gifts into my practice if clients are open and willing to add an alternative edge to their sessions. I have particularly found these modalities useful for clients who are moving through the spaces of loss, grief, bereavement, shadow work and wanting to deepen their own personal self-work.

I love meeting new people and the individuality of each person's story keep me passionate about doing this work, which I love doing through one on one sessions (in person and distance), workshops and community events. I strongly believe in a person centred approach with each session, meaning that I believe you are the best person to make the choices that will affect your life. However, as someone who values honesty, authenticity and integrity, I am not afraid to be honest or gently suggest alternative viewpoints with you because I believe that it's ok to challenge and talk about uncomfortable or opposing things sometimes. To me, this is where the seeds of growth and change are allowed to germinate. 

I love tailoring each session around your person goals and personality, and a typical session might range anywhere from simple discussion, to healing, exercises, or guidance, depending what you are wanting and needing. Most of the time homework will be assigned so that you can continue to build upon what we cover in each session. I am available for general counselling and talk therapy, although my passion definitely lies in spiritual counselling, intuitive development, and soul blueprint sessions (for a deep dive into your own personal energetic blueprint, if you will). 

Towards the end of this year I will also officially be able to offer:

  • Grief, loss & Bereavement Counselling

  • Relationship Counselling

  • Post Natal Counselling & Mental Health Support


Whether you're ready to create change in your life, find healing, or dive deeper into your personal journey, let's get started together TODAY.


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