Everyday Magick - 5 ways to make each day a little more magickal

Whether or not you are someone who identifies as a spiritual person, or whether you are seeking more of a connection with the world around you, there are magickal moments and opportunities surrounding you each day that are just waiting to be captured. Magick is not only the conscious manipulation of energy for a certain purpose, it can bring light, healing, understanding and empowerment with simple recognition in our day to day routines and tasks. Here are a few ideas to help awaken your own magickal essence to connect with the world around you.

1. Start each day with an intentional practice

It can be difficult to make time in the morning for meditation, journaling, or other conscious practices that we may hear or think a lot about. There are a lot of benefits to getting up a little bit early to connect with the day - through meditation, exercise or whatever calls to you, but quite often we can talk ourselves out of it, or things may happen that seem to hinder our bet intentions with setting these habits in motion.

If you are someone who struggles with mornings, or perhaps doesn't have the time or energy right now, start small. It could be some beautiful stretches in bed as you first wake up, some deep, cleansing breaths to clear the mind and connect to the day. It could be a visualisation in the shower, or just sounding off what you are grateful for in the car on the way to work. Before diving in to the hustle and bustle of your day, take a moment to breathe, connect, and set an intention for your day - maybe a goal, an affirmation, or a moment of gratitude.

2. Find your sacred space

It's no secret that our surroundings are often a reflection of our internal world, and that our environment has a significant impact on how we feel and process energy and information around us. Whether you are able to dedicate a full room, shelf, drawer, or desk space, find ways of bringing that little boost of magickal goodness to help support you. For example, you might have a collection of crystals scattered throughout certain rooms. You might have a special plant that helps you feel a certain way that you keep on your work desk. Perhaps there is a special candle that you really love in your bedroom that helps you feel sensual, or a genre of music softly playing in the background that helps you feel grounded and centred. You might choose to dedicate this space with your choice of sacred smoke (such as sage, palo santo, incense, or perhaps other herbs, woods or floral of your choice), or dress it up with some artwork or hangings that affirm this as a special place for you. For me, my garden is my sacred space where I feel at peace, completely grounded, and content. Whatever calls to you, make it your own and make it a space that resonates with your own magickal energy.

3. Create magick in the mundane

Oftentimes, we might associate magick with dark, velvety robes, spell casting, or dancing naked in the woods with your magickal posse. But there are so many opportunities to have magickal moments throughout the day if you seek it - moments where you can still feel unbelievably human and also connected to your magickal spark. Sprinkle a little cinnamon in your coffee in the morning and stir clockwise to draw in a little luck and serendipity throughout your day. Draw sigils about self-acceptance on your body with you lotion or makeup before blending for a quick confidence boost. Manifest a parking space at your local shopping centre. Create a signature scent with your favourite essential oils or fragrances representative of your personal power and unique flair. Wear a colour that resonates with an intention of yours - for example, you might wear something yellow for an uplifting dose of positivity, light blue to help you feel calm, or pink for friendship. The possibilities are endless!

4. Align yourself with the natural cycles

In our modern world, it can be so easy to feel caught up in the whirlwind of survival - we need to be busy, constantly working, planning ahead or things could take a turn for the worst. How many of us have been sick or burnt-out and become frustrated or angry thinking "I don't have time for this"? Aligning with the natural rhythms of our world is a great way to help feel grounded, connected and in tune with our environment. Nature can be our greatest teacher, and a fundamental lesson we can learn is that as human beings, it's ok to ebb and flow. There is a time for work and a time for play. There is a time for action and a time for rest. If you menstruate, it is interesting to log how this fits in with the lunar cycles throughout the year, and what it means for you. If you don't menstruate, take note on how your energy waxes and wanes, how your mindset changes, and how things play out, whether you can control them or not.

If you're not so much a lunar lover, take note of how things change seasonally for you. For example, summertime is usually a time of high energy, socialising, fun, and light heartedness, whilst winter is a time for rest, nourishment and retreat. What does each season evoke for you? What is available around you? And of course, what does this mean to you?

5. Connect with your intuition

The angel on your shoulder. That still small voice. Your inner knowing. Gut feelings. Whatever you like to call it - trust it and listen to what it has to say.

When we connect with our intuition, we are better able to discern the world around us. We can understand the people in our lives a little better. We can see how things play out in the greater scheme of things. We can find answers or guidance when we need it most.

If you struggle connecting with your intuition inwardly, look outwards for signs from spirit guides, loved ones or our spiritual support team. Feathers, numbers, songs on the radio, a name, a familiar smell, a serendipitous meeting with another person - all of these hold meaning, and your intuition will interpret these signs with a message that you may need to hear in that moment. Learn what your intuition is like, how it feels (for instance, are you someone who gets strong gut feelings or perhaps you just know when something is going to happen?), and most of all, start trusting it.

Never forget that we are all magickal in our own special ways, and that you have the power to create the reality you want, starting with small tweaks in each day.

May your day be as magickal as you are x

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