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Self care ideas you can do right now!

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

In the daily grind of our busy lives, it can be easy to put everyone else's needs before our own, whether it be work, family or other. Establishing a good self care routine is such a simple thing to implement, yet it is such a necessary component to help with our sense of health and well-being. So what is self care exactly?

Self care is taking a moment out of your day just for you, where you can reflect, be present and take care of your needs. It is an essential component on our mental, physical and emotional health, yet often it is left neglected until we are left feeling burnt out, stressed or physically unwell.

If you find it hard to get motivated, start small. Perhaps it could be 5 minutes phone free on your lunch break where you can just sit and eat your lunch outside or in peace. Maybe you designate some time in the morning or evening, or negotiate a 'time-out' with your partner. From this starting point, it becomes easier to make time for yourself, and you will soon notice the difference it makes for you.

Ideally, aiming to do something each day to take care of your mind, body and spirit is encouraged. Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling for you:


  • Read a chapter of your favourite book

  • Do a puzzle

  • Learn a new skill

  • Create a new positive habit

  • Use your senses to enhance a meal - how does it look/taste/smell/feel, etc?

  • Take a conscious moment during the day to stop what you are doing and focus on your breathing

  • Make time for meditation

  • Write in a diary or journal or colour in

  • Draw how you are feeling in this exact moment, without judgement. If you are happy, what might this look like? If you are feeling stressed, angry or tired, what might this look like? What colours best represent this for you?

  • Take a nice, relaxing bath

  • Try some yin yoga

  • Journal about your thoughts or experiences of the day

  • Go for a walk or swim in nature


  • Make time for exercise, even if it just a walk around the block

  • DANCE! Put on some of your favourite tunes and get down and boogie!

  • Have a laugh

  • Stretch

  • Make one small healthy change to your diet each day

  • Give your body some mindful attention - take a moment to check in and see how each part of your body is feeling

  • Massage your favourite moisturiser into your skin after your shower or before bed

  • Wear something that makes you feel fabulous!

  • Give yourself a compliment

  • Get outside and do some yard work or gardening

  • Make your own gentle body scrub with some sugar, salt, dried herbs, and a few drops of essential oil, and scrub yourself down in the shower. For a magickally 'clearing' kick, you could try using some salt, sage, rosemary and lavender with a drop or two of lemon tea tree or eucalyptus oil.


  • Sound off at least three things you are thankful for at the beginning and end of each day

  • Make a small connection with someone new

  • Do something nice for someone else without the thought of reward

  • Give yourself a compliment

  • Find a positive quote or affirmation that speaks to you

  • Find at least three things around you that are beautiful to you

  • Check in with yourself emotionally

  • Cuddle a pet!

  • Listen to some uplifting music

  • Journal

  • Give a room or space a good clean and de-clutter. Arrange it in a way that feels flowing, calm and peaceful for you

  • Diffuse your favourite essential oil blend

Whatever works for you, whatever you can manage, start small and make time for yourself. Even if it's just 5 or 10 minutes, you deserve it!

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