Mindful food - Tips for eating seasonally

How lucky we are to live in a day and age where you can pop down to the local grocery store and buy what fruit or vegetable you feel like, even if it is something out of season or climate. Advancement in food science and technology mean that we can find food that may not always be in season, allowing for a greater amount of variety at the local super market.

To eat seasonally means to eat produce naturally grown during their peak cycle. It not only allows us to live more in tune with the natural rhythm of the earth, but there are a myriad of benefits that go alongside this practice. For example, fruit or veg grown during its peak season is cheaper to grow and can often result in an abundant harvest, which helps lower the cost per unit. In addition to this, it tastes much better and doesn’t require added chemicals for preservation. This can also apply to meat. Lamb season is usually in the spring time in most countries, whilst beef, chicken and pork have a fairly continuous supply year round. So, what can we do to start eating more seasonally today? Here are my top 3 tips:

1. Know what’s in Season

Knowing what’s in season is better for your bank balance and will ensure you get the most out o